By now you have probably figured out we are stretching our skills beyond canvas (Ha..!  Pun Intended).  We are maximizing our totally rad printer and keeping it busy.  We teased our wallpaper products with wall decals for your home gym, and then perfected it and now we are offering different creative ideas for temporary removable wallpaper on our Signature Canvas styled wallpaper.

red barn wallpaperIf you have a flair for change and/or a fear of commitment our removable wallpaper is your match made in heaven.  We tested it by applying three different versions for several months and we have produced the golden standard of wall covering.  It is thick and easy to install.  We are offering it in 2 finishes.. one is a Dull Matte and the other is (obviously) a canvas texture.  The matte finish is removable/repositionable and the Signature canvas is removable . Both are fantastic options and a quick, easy way to change your entire wall or room.  This is a great product for anyone looking to make a change in their home décor, especially great for renters, RV’s or military housing families.  It has taken me awhile to perfect the design aspect but now that we’ve nailed that down I plan to redo every wall in my home.

Happy re-decorating!


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