the Red Barn

This red barn is our companies name sake, and it stood on our family farm in rural Kansas for generations. If you look hard you can see my grandfather standing in the photo working his cattle.  The original RED BARN doesn’t stand anymore.. but it is the foundation for everything we stand for.  We believe in hard work, top notch quality and solid family values.  We are serious about being a part of revitalizing American manufacturing and believe that we have built a solid company with a reputation for high quality goods made with ethical business practices.  We are handmade and inspect every item before it ships to ensure a quality American made product our grandparents would approve of.

Thanks for shopping and supporting USA made,

Kristy & Andrew

How to print QUALITY photo prints

It is our most common question…  How will this photo print on canvas?

Lucky for us today our iphones and smart phones make it so easy to snap quality photos – we don’t even need to carry around that old extra camera. But how to keep those cool shots in a high resolution quality can get tricky. It is tempting to drop that photo into one of a million photo editing apps and go crazy adding filters and cutting cropping it until its just right.  But this is where I would advise you to use caution.  If you play around with that photo in the wrong program it could diminish its “print” quality.  Those Instagram filters are great for your Instagram feed but don’t expect to drop that photo in your social platform and then print it.  While that photo looks amazing on your computer screen those platforms are just for that.. online viewing.

So to simplify this a bit.. use that cell phone for all its glorious features… include the camera – but use caution when you edit it.  A lot of print services (like yours truly) offer free photo edits.  But if you want the creative freedom to add effects or correct coloring I would recommend downloading the Adobe Lightroom Ap. It gives you a ton of tools and wont lower the quality of your image.  To take it one more step – I find it best to email that photo directly to your printer (RBC) from your phone.  This will usually give you options on what size to send the file.. always select the largest file size! If you are the person who regularly sends your photos to your computer I applaud your organizational skills but – again use caution and shop around when selecting your photo storage solution and make sure it doesn’t shrink your files to small.

“Think before you crop” Before you zoom in or crop out that crowd in the background think about how you plan to use the photo.  If you are printing it on canvas – we will need about 2 inches all around the image to stretch it onto a frame.  So if you crop too close to Fido’s face, his ear may end up wrapped around to the backside of the canvas.

When in doubt – just ask.  We are always happy to preview a photo for quality before we start a project.







Celebrate SUMMER!!

We love summer time around here… although since we work from home it can be difficult to juggle the kids and stay productive.  Aside from scheduling camps, giving them RBC work tasks and play dates we have found giving them a creative space and freedom has been huge!  As soon as summer hit we stocked up on all the paints, markers, building and crafting supplies we could find and it was the best investment yet!

With little guidance they will spend a ton of time just creating.  Our paint palette canvas adds a big creative impact to just about any space!

Making the most of it…

With the purchase of our new totally rad high-tech printer last year we have been able to utilize its’ capabilities to produce and offer more personalized products to enhance your Red Barn Experience.  Among our favorites is our new Custom Gift Wrapping Paper.  This stuff is top notch – it is thick, sturdy white paper.  Its opacity keeps the gift inside a disguise but yet is still quite manageable as wrapping paper.  Yes, it is true… having your own personalized gift wrap is a bit more expensive than the cheap, mass produced store bought wrapping paper, BUT it is way cooler.  Use Red Barn Wrapping Paper for that special gift, (ya know) the one your so excited to give you can hardly keep it a secret.

Or… customized Red Barn Wrapping Paper with your name, logo and brand colors for that Company Holiday Party.  The ideas are endless….

Having your own branded or personalized wrapping paper takes your gifts to the next level and makes them memorable.  It is a perfect compliment to your corporate branding or family tradition.  We print it in small print runs, keeping it affordable for any budget or need.  Grab a sample here

Love and Peace!


Wallpaper. commitment free

By now you have probably figured out we are stretching our skills beyond canvas (Ha..!  Pun Intended).  We are maximizing our totally rad printer and keeping it busy.  We teased our wallpaper products with wall decals for your home gym, and then perfected it and now we are offering different creative ideas for temporary removable wallpaper on our Signature Canvas styled wallpaper.

red barn wallpaperIf you have a flair for change and/or a fear of commitment our removable wallpaper is your match made in heaven.  We tested it by applying three different versions for several months and we have produced the golden standard of wall covering.  It is thick and easy to install.  We are offering it in 2 finishes.. one is a Dull Matte and the other is (obviously) a canvas texture.  The matte finish is removable/repositionable and the Signature canvas is removable . Both are fantastic options and a quick, easy way to change your entire wall or room.  This is a great product for anyone looking to make a change in their home décor, especially great for renters, RV’s or military housing families.  It has taken me awhile to perfect the design aspect but now that we’ve nailed that down I plan to redo every wall in my home.

Happy re-decorating!


A look back…

The kids are spending some much needed time with grandma while Andrew & I work on our 2019 goals and social media calendar.  This is the first year we have actually sat down together to intentionally strategize goals and plan our Annual “To-Do” list for the coming year. It feels really relaxing to know we have a plan in place.  We’ve grown so much in the last 8 years personally, as a family and as Red Barn Canvas.   While on our planning hiatus it has been fun to look back on where we started and compare then and now..
When Red Barn Canvas started I had a $500 used Mac laptop (ya know the white ones with the really small screen).  Although I am artistic, I had no real graphic design skills and several failed business ideas in my back pocket.  You could say I am a bit of a dreamer, but my determination finally paid off.!  I had fumbled through designing what is now our “original Family Story Canvas” for my husband Andrew as a Christmas gift.  He has all the printing knowledge and printed it on canvas for me.  He loved it… Friends loved it…  So with his/their encouragement I opened our first ETSY shop and launched our own website   While our Family Story Canvas is still one of our best sellers we have added several design options – still making custom projects our top priority.  Most of our best sellers start as an idea from a customer and we build on it from there.  Our customers are always our best asset, and they truly are part of the Red Barn Family.  We still have faithful customers now that we started with way back then..!   We worked our tails off and we’ve grown slowly (on purpose) and bit more each and every year.  We have 2 little ones and running a business from home with them has its challenges.  It was important for us to keep RBC at a level we could manage for the most part on our own with little outside help.
Our manufacturing was totally a grass roots effort.  Andrew started building our frames with a hand saw and an orange plastic Home Depot miter box and stapling/stretching our canvases with a hand stapler on our kitchen island in the evenings after the little ones would go to sleep.  We were making it work and as the business grew.. so did our equipment.  Today we use top quality Fredrix stretcher bars and run everything on our own high end printer.  We do it all right here in our studio in North Georgia. We make quality and customer satisfaction our top priority. Nothing ships out of our shop without passing Andrews standards.   We grew slow but we grew strong.  We own 100% of our business.  Eight years in, we  have shipped over 10,000 canvases to over 7 countries.
Love and Peace to you all in 2019!
Make it a great one

Kristy & Andrew


DMB Lyric collection canvas

Our DMB Lyric collection canvas. Seems to be the popular choice for August. stock design ready to ship in your color choice. #sodamnlucky, #redbarncanvas


Afternoon Help

My afternoon helper makes the day a little bit sweeter. #redbarncanvas #beimperfect, #wholehearted


Great Birthday Design

Just LOVE it when we get to design one of these for a Birthday. I imagine who ever opens it must feel so special and loved. #redbarncanvas #lovemyjob


Obsessed with bikes

I am slightly obsessed with bikes. And this quote. <3 #bicycle #redbarncanvas #enjoytheride