With the purchase of our new totally rad high-tech printer last year we have been able to utilize its’ capabilities to produce and offer more personalized products to enhance your Red Barn Experience.  Among our favorites is our new Custom Gift Wrapping Paper.  This stuff is top notch – it is thick, sturdy white paper.  Its opacity keeps the gift inside a disguise but yet is still quite manageable as wrapping paper.  Yes, it is true… having your own personalized gift wrap is a bit more expensive than the cheap, mass produced store bought wrapping paper, BUT it is way cooler.  Use Red Barn Wrapping Paper for that special gift, (ya know) the one your so excited to give you can hardly keep it a secret.

Or… customized Red Barn Wrapping Paper with your name, logo and brand colors for that Company Holiday Party.  The ideas are endless….

Having your own branded or personalized wrapping paper takes your gifts to the next level and makes them memorable.  It is a perfect compliment to your corporate branding or family tradition.  We print it in small print runs, keeping it affordable for any budget or need.  Grab a sample here

Love and Peace!


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