It is our most common question…  How will this photo print on canvas?

Lucky for us today our iphones and smart phones make it so easy to snap quality photos – we don’t even need to carry around that old extra camera. But how to keep those cool shots in a high resolution quality can get tricky. It is tempting to drop that photo into one of a million photo editing apps and go crazy adding filters and cutting cropping it until its just right.  But this is where I would advise you to use caution.  If you play around with that photo in the wrong program it could diminish its “print” quality.  Those Instagram filters are great for your Instagram feed but don’t expect to drop that photo in your social platform and then print it.  While that photo looks amazing on your computer screen those platforms are just for that.. online viewing.

So to simplify this a bit.. use that cell phone for all its glorious features… include the camera – but use caution when you edit it.  A lot of print services (like yours truly) offer free photo edits.  But if you want the creative freedom to add effects or correct coloring I would recommend downloading the Adobe Lightroom Ap. It gives you a ton of tools and wont lower the quality of your image.  To take it one more step – I find it best to email that photo directly to your printer (RBC) from your phone.  This will usually give you options on what size to send the file.. always select the largest file size! If you are the person who regularly sends your photos to your computer I applaud your organizational skills but – again use caution and shop around when selecting your photo storage solution and make sure it doesn’t shrink your files to small.

“Think before you crop” Before you zoom in or crop out that crowd in the background think about how you plan to use the photo.  If you are printing it on canvas – we will need about 2 inches all around the image to stretch it onto a frame.  So if you crop too close to Fido’s face, his ear may end up wrapped around to the backside of the canvas.

When in doubt – just ask.  We are always happy to preview a photo for quality before we start a project.







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