My biggest little nugget turns 11 today!  I don’t remember being so excited for my birthdays growing up… they really weren’t a big deal at our house.  BUT here it is an event. I’m pretty sure my kids start planning their birthdays like the day after the last one ends.  I love their excitement but every time it gets brought up I cringe at the thought of how much money this will run me.   I try to let them decide how they want to celebrate and so far it works. After months of talking, planning and strategizing, here we are the big b-day and he’s got a few neighborhood kids coming over to play football in the yard, eat pizza, and play X-Box.. so its like any other Friday at our house plus Cake.

I am so proud of this guy. Two years ago his life (our life) changed forever.  After getting Strep – he ended up in the hospital and we didn’t know if he would be coming home.  It was the scariest week of my life. Long story wicked short.. his body barely had enough calcium to pump his heart.  Turns out my little red head, blue eyed, lefty likes to be RARE and has a rare lifelong condition – Pseudohypoparathyroidism 1B. We would learn all about PHP1b and still not really understand it and its constantly changing effects.. but he rolls with it.  He is like any other kid his age – kind and sweet and the funniest kid I know. He loves to play sports and hates to do the dishes. His meds cost more than most monthly mortgages for now but that load should lighten up soon

In our house, we celebrate birthdays for sure.. but we do our best to celebrate life everyday and how blessed we are to be together watching these kids grow into such amazing little humans.   Happy Birthday Mighty Quinn




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